Licences and Certificates


Taking care of the highest standards, since June 2017 we have got the EPAL Licence to produce EPAL-1 800x1200 mm palettes number PL-078. This licence gives a guarantee, that palettes are durable, of good quality and long-lasting, as the branch requires. These three features have mainly importance when it is going about transporting, as well as storaging the goods in magazines. In the European Union EPAL Licence is actually a standard among palette producers.

Quality control in EPALO starts at the moment of buying the components. Appropriate sizes, mainly width of boards (22mm), guarants stability of construction and capacity to 1500kg. Wooden components used by us, are: spruce and pine. Moreover nails as well as pallet blocks used by us, are a products of another licensed EPAL producers, what also is a big positive and addition to receive good quality.

Actually we are on II-nd level: selfcontrol, which lets us to spot out very fast some imperfecties and immediately eliminate them. Quality is our priority, that is why we always take care of every production level, so our palettes can fulfill the expactations of every, even the most demanding clients.


Because of conditions, which this specific branch requires, every of our palette is putted to heat treating HT and has got an IPPC cerfiticate, which attests a phitosanitarity, technical and organisational normes required in European Union. Heat treating proceeds in specially prepared to it and being in our directive drying room. For this reason we have got attestation of Wood Technology Institute number PL-24 792. That is the only scientific-research institution in Poland which deals in a comprehensive manner with theoretical and practical issues of wood processing, its application and creation of new composites based on wood.

Heat treating process lets to reduce a humidity level in wooden components to under 22%, what is consonant with EPAL normes. To get this effect, in component for over 30 mintes must be kept a temperature min. 56°C. This procedure is a proof, that palette was taken under HT and has got an IPPC.